Hire Me

Me running in Colorado
Top of Hope Pass in Colorado.

Twenty eighteen was a seminal year for me professionally. After a ten year grind, my business partners and I sold HIPAA.com and I quietly declared my retirement from client work. I spent most of the year on travel, deep personal development, running, and trying to figure out life’s true purpose.

But with more than two decades experience as a builder, technologist, and entrepreneur, just walking away wasn’t so easy. You probably know where I’m going with this—for many of us, technology is more than just a passion, it’s part of our DNA. Retirement, it seems, is just out of reach.

For 2019, I’ll be taking on a very limited amount of client work on a retainer basis. I’m limiting the number of clients and projects for two reasons. First, this structure allows me to concentrate with limited distraction on just a few engagements that really speak to my interests. This means you get more of my attention and more return on your investment. And second, it fixes the price for you, making managing budgets much easier. We both win.

Here’s an example of some of the things I can help with:

  • Act as a CTO-on-demand.
  • Design complex applications, including the product road map from concept/MVP through growth and eventual scale.
  • Provide guidance on using cloud computing and its leveraging its massive efficiencies in both cost and scale.
  • Help utilizing low-cost, sophisticated automation processes and tooling to offload error-prone, repetitive tasks from technical teams, freeing them to do what they do best: solve valuable business problems.
  • Assist with technical interviews and staffing plans for your technical teams.

At the end of the day, my goal is simple—I want to help you make more money. Every dollar you spend on me is an investment that will yield a positive return for your business.

Interested? Reach out and let’s discuss your project in more detail.

Note: I have a particularly deep interest in FitTech and the health and wellness space, as these very closely align with my own passions. If you’re in this industry and need help, please contact me.